Escorts and Services Provided by Them

Escorts are those who provide sexual services to people and earn their living. Usually, an escort does not want to display her profession to the public since it is still consider being a taboo in many countries. Most of the escorts work for escort agencies or are independent. However, they do not work in brothels.

Work of Escort Agencies

The main task of the escort agency is to set a meeting between client and escort. This meeting can be arranged in hotel, client’s house or escort’s house. In case of any problem, they try to solve the matter so that the client receives the best service. These agencies strictly follow the rules and regulation of the country to avoid any big problem. They also direct the escorts to follow such rules.

There are various types of escort agencies-female for male, male for female, male for male and female for female. These agencies recruit escorts of all ages to satisfy the clients of different ages. Also, some of them recruit transgender escorts. The escorts are recruited only after the latter’s willingness to do so. Also, the escorts are given their freedom to choose years of working with the agencies. After the period gets over, they can either retire or become independent escorts.

All the escort agencies have their own website. These websites consist of pictures of all the Mumbai escorts working under them, services provided by them and fee structure. However, personal information of the escorts is not revealed. This is done to safeguard the escort from any danger. Also, they sign a bond with the clients regarding the same. Even the independent escorts have their own website through which the clients can contact them. This is because the internet is the most medium for them to reach out to clients.

Types of Escorts

There are two types of escorts- in call and out call. In call escorts are those escorts to whom the clients come and meet. Out call escorts are those escorts who go to the clients. For booking an escort, one needs to contact him/her using contact number which is available on the website or in the agency. Then, certain part of the fees should be paid as an advance.

The fee charged by Mumbai escorts depends upon the sexual attractiveness of the escort, commissions to be paid, competition from illegal and legal sources and services offered by the escorts. In case of providing any additional services, extra fee is charged by the escort. The duration of taking services from escort depends on the client. He can stay with the escort for short duration and also, for long duration. However, he/she should have consent from escort regarding this.

Fees charged by them are quite affordable. However, for regular clients, the fee charged is much less. If the escort works for the agency, then, the fee charged by the escort will be divided in a certain ratio-maximum will go to the escort and rest of the money will act as commission for agency. If the escort works individually, then, the total money is given to the escort.




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